Sons of Agamemnon: An Overview

The Sons of Agamemnon are non-Astartes agents of Theta-V recruited by Brother Avinos Agamemnon during his time on Necromunda. They haven’t had contact with him in several generations and know not who they truly serve, but they know of Agamemnon as a brilliant mastermind who founded the gang as a spy network before mysteriously vanishing. The only trace of his existence that remains is a holo-pict recording, now enshrined deep within their hidden underhive library. Showing only his shrouded face, he promises to return and instructs his followers to collect and catalogue as much data as possible on absolutely everything. A single, gleaming red eye lens shines from the darkness under his hood, which has led many of the agents to adopt similar eye augmentations.

Gangers use these titles, according to rank:

Initiate [Juves]
Agent [Gangers]
Investigator [Champions & Leader]

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