Sons of Agamemnon: Roster

These are the members of the Sons that I’m gaming with. Surprisingly, I do actually have everything listed here both built and painted!

Gang Roster

  • Stenn (Leader): Gunslinger, black humored, photographic memory, one eye, terrifying & respected
  • Achaeus (Champion): Gunslinger, dabbler/unspecialized, holds grudges, inspiring speaker, 2nd in command
  • Hector (Champion): Sniper, patient, ruthlessly efficient with ammunition
  • “Twitch” (Champion): Plasma gunner, twitchy, talkative, overly cautious
  • Alecto (Specialist):
  • Lex (Specialist): Gunslinger, lazy, relaxed, prefers to let poisons do the work for him
  • Janus (Specialist): Flamer, tinkerer, meticulous
  • Valindra “Domino” (Ganger): Flamer, stubborn, reckless, absurdly lucky
  • Karenna “N” (Ganger):
  • Isadore “Isa” (Ganger):
  • Gaius (Ganger): Shotgunner,
  • Tari (Ganger)
  • (Ganger)
  • (Ganger)
  • Nestor (Juve)
  • Damon (Juve)
  • Leandros “The Kid” (Juve): Gunslinger, thinks he’s hot shit
  • Callistus (Spyker): Psyker, the gang’s leader, quiet, clever, cocky, prone to rages
  • Darsoss (Bounty Hunter): Blademaster, arrogant, cruel, honors his word, respects the Sons
  • Fido (Cephalopod Spektre)
  • Gun skull servitor
  • Data slate skull servitor
  • The Can Opener (A.M.B.O.T.)
  • Monument to Agamemnon
  • Inner Sanctum Shrine

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