Theta Companies: Roster

These are the forces of the Theta Companies that I’m working with, for gaming and storytelling purposes. I don’t have models for everything listed, and from a narrative perspective there are several members of Theta-I spread throughout the ranks of the other companies, but this is a general overview of the state of things.


  • Gravis Captain (Commander Nyktelios Bale)
  • Captain (Cygnus Domar)
  • 2 Lieutenants (Gaius Valentinus & Gessyn Drasius)
  • 2 Techmarines (Forge-Master Consolus Grim & Erik Darsoss)
  • 2 Librarians (Chief Librarian Urugal Ventas & Epistolary Midas Pantor)
  • Chaplain (Parthiel Invictus)
  • Ancient Standard Bearer
  • Apothecary (Nathaniel Mor)
  • Intercessors (Sergeant Turiel Helbrink)
  • Suppressors
  • Inceptors
  • Hellblasters
  • Aggressors
  • 4 Dreadnoughts (Brothers Charon, Deimos, Phorcys, and Pontus)
  • Impulsors, Repulsors, gunship, assorted drop-pods, etc…
  • Assorted Sparatoi (non-Astartes agents [Delaque] and a few assassins)
  • Thetisia – assault cruiser/mobile base of operations


  • 2 Phobos Captains (Amon Cruxus)
  • 1 Techmarine (Ezekiel Solarus)
  • 2 Phobos Librarians (Epistolaries Saelano Kissiae & Gierus Luvius)
  • Chaplain
  • Apothecary (Kharian Hay)
  • Phobos Lieutenant (Poro Krakenfell)
  • Infiltrators (Sergeant Avinos Agamemnon)
  • Incursors
  • Reavers
  • Eliminators
  • Assorted Servitor Assault Warsuits (SAWs)
  • Assorted light transports, dropships, drop pods
  • Assorted Sparatoi (non-Astartes agents [Delaque] and several assassins)
  • Apocrypha – strike cruiser/mobile base of operations


Theta-I Trident | Theta-III Deep Hunter | Theta-IV Jade Serpent

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