Data Dump #1

I’ve gotta get these ideas out of my brain but haven’t the time to write about any of them in depth.

  • Death Spectres
    • Morbid, occult badasses with a mysterious past and potent psychic powers whose homeworld happens to be in the vicinity of the Ghoul Stars, where the story of the Theta Companies is unfolding? Hell yes.
      Tags: 40k, DeathSpectres
  • Black Templars
    • Bald, angry crusaders with lots of swords were the heroes of my childhood so of course I love the 40k version of that. After reading Helsreach I’ve been wanting to convert and paint Grimaldus’ whole squad using various Primaris marine bodies as the base. I want to stick magnets in the feet so that I can swap between a display base and appropriately sized gaming bases. I want them to look like they’ve been fighting in Helsreach for weeks, lots of battle damage and no static hero poses other than for Grimaldus himself.
      Tags: 40k, BlackTemplars
    • Sword Brethren of the Black Templars often wear a cream-coloured cloak and have red trim on their black pauldrons to signify their elite status.
    • Devotion chains for everyone! Gonna need very small jewelry chains
    • The Chapter icon is proudly worn on both shoulder guards. Squad number (Squad Grimaldus is what number?) is stencilled as a white Imperial Gothic numeral upon the right knee plate. Unique seals often worn on the left greave show which Crusade the Battle-Brother belongs to.
    • My brothers names are Artarion, Priamus, Cador, Nerovar, and Bastilan. These are the knights that have waged war beside me for decades. We are the knights of Squad Grimaldus.
      • “Within his veins Cador carries the blessed blood of Rogal Dorn with what seems like weary honor. He is older than I. Older by far. His decades within the sword brethren are behind him now.”
        –Big chainsword and bolter, some bionics visible maybe, ruined cloak, one of the primaris lieutenants will likely be a good base model, Sword Brethren colors in honor of his service among them.
      • “Priamus is the rising sun to Cador’s dusk. He is aware of his skills in the unsubtle and undignified way of many young warriors. Blade master he calls himself. Yet he is not mistaken.”
        –Big powersword, flashy, will use the phobos librarian base model, Initiate colors
      • “Artarion is Artarion. My shadow just as I am his. It is rare among our number for any knight to lay aside personal glory, yet Artarion is the one who carries my banner into battle.”
        –Sgt. Jovan with a ruined banner, bolter, chainsword, Initiate colors
      • “Nerovar is the newest among us. The squads require the presence of an apothecary. In the trials only Nerovar impressed the rest of us with his quiet endurance.”
        –Bolter, will use apothecary as the base model but convert a fair bit of it so he’s not standing on his brother and just holding up geneseed, Apothecary colors
      • “Bastilan is last. Bastilan, always the best and least of us all. A leader but not a commander. An inspiring presence but not a strategist. Forever a sergeant; never fated to rise as a castellan or marshal.”
        –Bolter & chainsword, could use a lieutenant or phobos captain as the base model, Initiate colors
      • Grimaldus himself: Skull faced helm of Mordred (silver faceplate though right?), Power mace/crozius of Morded, plasma pistol, otherwise typical Black Templar chaplain look.
        –Chaplain model as the base, replacing the head and weapons and adding more templar iconography to replace generic imperial stuff, chaplain colors
  • Kitbashed Escher gangers
    • using elf bloodbowl teams and harlequins to get a gang that actually looks fast & nimble
      Tags: Necromunda, Escher
  • Wandering Blackshield character
    • using bits from Death Guard and some other marines
      Tags: 40k, Blackshield
  • Word Bearer character
    • inscribed armour, candles, scrolls, still somewhat majestic
      Tags: 40k, WordBearers

Talons of the Emperor

These are the Imperial forces that have learned of the Theta Companies and the true nature of their gene-seed. Each faction has its own reasons, but they all want destroy the Theta Companies and get/recover/steal the gene-tech. A major incentive is the link to the Raptors’ gene-seed, the last improvement the Emperor himself made to his space marines.
Tags: 40k

  • Custodes
    • should be relatively easy to get to 2000 points, only about 25 models in a pure Custodes list
    • experiment with quick golden armour techniques using washes & drybrushing to get a darker and less yellow gold. I want them to look like ancient sentinels, lots of static poses on black marble bases with inlaid gold (more yellow than that of their amour, needs to be distinct)
    • Theoretical Army Roster:
      • 3x Custodian Guard squads of 3 (2 spears & 1 shield)
      • 3x Wardens
      • 2x Wardens converted into standard bearers
      • 6x Allarus Custodians, they’re an important visual stepping stone from the wardens to the larger models like the Dreadnoughts
      • 6x Jetbikes
      • 2x Shield Captains on Jetbikes
      • Trajann Valoris
      • Constantine Valdor (because that model will be a really cool challenge to do well)
      • Telemon Heavy Dreadnought
      • Achillus Dreadnought with the spear, it will stand in a similar pose as the Wardens, should connect the larger models with the Custodes themselves a bit more
      • Grav Tank, because I want to represent all aspects of the army and their tanks are gorgeous
  • Sisters of Silence
    • 1 squad of Sisters with mostly swords
    • 1 null maiden rhino
    • Jenetia Krole
    • The new character being released
  • Sisters of Battle
    • just a single character to represent them
  • Assassins
    • one of each assassin, they’re too cool not to include and should even see the tabletop sometimes
  • Inquisition
    • a handful of Inquisitors
    • a handful of Acoyltes & Agents
    • Daemonhost
    • a Crusader or two
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
    • a techpriest or two
    • the techpriest’s retinue

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