Data Dump #2

More ideas and half-started projects from me, this time it’s fantasy stuff instead of being 40k related

  • Knights Inquisitorial
    • Inspired by the Warhammer Underworlds warbands for the Stormcast Eternals, I wanted to make a small warband of holy knights for use in various fantasy skirmish games. The twist to this initial concept was that I would convert them from 40k marines. I have begun the conversions but they haven’t been touched in some months now. The base models are a Grey Knight terminator character, the Black Templars Emperor’s Champion, and the Deathwatch Watch Master. My main struggle has been with choosing the right heads and the right gear for them, getting the armour to look how I want it to wasn’t actually too bad.

      Tags: Mordheim, KnightsInq
  • The Raven’s Men
    • The majority of these models have been built and the two that remain need only minor adjustments. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I want to paint them. Their fabrics need to have some color to indicate that they were once wealthy and make them seem more magical, trouble is that they’re cultists of Tzeentch but I just can’t picture them in blue or purple. Yellow and green are off the table too because I’m imagining them in dark robes with pale heads and green is too earthy/natural, so I’m thinking a dark, desaturated red with black flames painted as trim. That should let me give them pale greenish skin and bleached bones, and some gold trinkets to again show their status.
    • I’m looking to add the Ogroid Myrmidon to this warband, giving me two large bruiser type models, and some Kairic Acolytes to represent more of the underlings since what I have now is several powerful and magical looking characters and not too much to contrast with them.
    • I also need to play more Mordheim to really evaluate the homebrew rules I have for them, though they aren’t too far from those of the Possessed. Then I’d like to have it printed as a nice little booklet with some art for them created from photos of the painted models.

      Tags: Mordheim, RavensMen
  • Warcry
    • Oh boy, this game came out of the blue and is so my kind of thing. The gameplay isn’t the most balanced, but it is lot of fun with the right players and the models they’ve been releasing are so so good. I like the terrain, want to get all of it. I also like nearly every warband they’ve released, and can see them being the base models for so many conversions in years to come. However, I can’t afford to go out and buy it all so this is what I’m thinking for the short term.
      • Untamed Beasts – There is a bit much going on with some of these guys so I do want to remove most of their ornamentation as I did with my Iron Golem. Other than that, they’re stunning. I might equip some of them with rusty metal weapons and I’m picturing them in a frosty tundra.
        • Darkoath Chieftain – Matches the aesthetic of the Untamed Beasts perfectly, and I’ve wanted one for ages.
        • Darkoath Warqueen – see above ^

          Tags: Warcry, UntamedBeasts
  • Chaos Dwarves
    • Not the guys with the silly hats, I’m talking grimdark dwarven cultists worshipping nightmarish gods they barely comprehend. Skull masks, chaos helms, etc… I could also use these guys for a variety of game systems, which is becoming more and more important to me.
      • Gotrek conversion – no mohawk, different belt buckle, holding something else, chaos tattoos, pale purple skin, different shoulder pad
      • Fireslayer conversions – think dwarven khorne berserkers
      • maybe some of the Forgeworld Infernal Dwarves?
      • Oldschool shields with creepy demon faces
      • Converted Iron Golems dwarf

        Tags: ChaosDwarves

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