Painting Indomitus Necrons

I’m learning that when the motivation hits, I’ve gotta run with it! Last week I was struck by the desire to paint Necrons for the first time ever, so I pulled out the Necron half of my Indomitus box (plus an extra Overlord I had around) and set to work. The main goal here was to come up with a simple, quick scheme that wouldn’t feel like a chore if I ever want to add to the army, and I think I’ve achieved that.

The core concept was, can I find a way to paint them in 10 steps or less and still have them look cool?

To start, I wanted true metallic metal for their bodies because NMM is the opposite of fast & easy. I could wash and glaze cool tones onto that for some interest, and that would contrast really well with orange Martian basing. I was torn when it came to the accent color though. Classic necron green is already the accent color of the Theta Companies, my other 40k army, and a neon blue just didn’t look right when I tested it out. So I decided to go for a more stylized look and do orange accents to match the basing.

These are the steps I went with:

  1. Zenithal silver prime over black (Vallejo Silver over Citadel Chaos Black)
  2. All over dark blue wash (GW Drakenhof Nightshade)
  3. Light overbrushing with bright silver (Vallejo Aluminum)
  4. Spotty green glaze, avoiding highlights (thinned GW Warp Lightning)
  5. Basing texture (GW Martian Ironearth & Ironcrust)
  6. White basecoat for all areas that will be orange (Schmincke Titanium White)
  7. Black basecoat over all cables, optional turquoise wash (GW Abaddon Black & Nihilakh Oxide)
  8. Neon red-orange over white areas (50/50 GW Blood Angels Red & Vallejo Fluo Red)
  9. Neon orange over the same, as well as the bases (Vallejo Fluo Red)
  10. Finish your basing, I washed with GW Carroburg Crimson & drybrushed with GW Bestigor Flesh, then painted the couple of skulls and added some bright alien grass tufts from Vallejo, finishing with a black base rim.
  11. Optional Step – varnish (I used Vallejo Matt varnish and went back with gloss for the orange orbs)

The total painting time was 16.5 hours for this whole project, which I think comes out to about 25 minutes per mini. I did all of my optional steps since I was making such good time, but the biggest time sink was definitely the basing. I think about 4.5 hours were spent doing the bases, which I had thought were pretty minimalistic. Turns out, carefully spreading and blending the two texture pastes around the feet of the minis took ages. Adding the grass tufts was also not totally necessary, but they look nice and I think it helps the whole thing look more cohesive. All in all I like the way they turned out and I’m really pleased with how quickly I was able to get them finished. Plus now I can justify buying the Silent King and Void Dragon as additions to the army!

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