Some of the Raven’s Men

I’ve needed to get paint on these guys for ages, but I kept holding off because I haven’t finished converting the rest of the warband. They’re theoretically intended for playing Mordheim, but given the pandemic and how rarely I play anything anyway I finally accepted that it was past time to slap some paint on these four cultists.

I even used them for the art in my fan supplement! Truly shameful that they were grey plastic for so long

Mordheim is, to me, the quintessential grimdark tabletop wargame. As such, my cultists got a suitably grimdark paintjob. Blanche used predominantly reds, browns, and yellows so I stuck with those for my scheme, plus some black of course. Other than that, there really isn’t much to say about the painting process for them.

It was very quick really, the only things I spent time on were the robes and the little bit of freehand here and there. I do wish I’d planned out the big raven skull for the banner properly, but hey these are fanatical chaos cultists not artists so their banner probably wouldn’t be a great work of art.

There are still several others waiting to be finished up and painted though… here are two of the WIPs

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