Painting Warcry Terrain

There is a mountain of plastic in the Warcry starter box, and so much of it is awesome terrain that you can use for anything dark fantasy related. I made it a goal of mine to get the whole box set painted before the end of the year, so getting the terrain done felt like it should be a priority.

Terrain is great because it doesn’t feel like it’s asking for a top-notch paintjob. I feel free to be sloppy, and in fact I painted virtually everything with a single large drybrush (aside from some ropes and bones). To start I primed it all black, then gave all stonework a drybrushed coat of Stormvermin Fur, followed by Celestra Grey. Since stones are never just grey in reality I next splotched on Drakenhof Nightshade, Fuegan Orange, and Warp Lightning as randomly as I could. To re-highlight the stone I then went back for a lighter drybrush with Celestra Grey.

The wood was done in a similar fashion, with a dark drybrush, lighter drybrush, tinting with contrast paint, and a final drybrush to highlight. There was a little bit of metal that I just drybrushed Leadbelcher and splotched with rusty colors, the bell got brassy colors, and then finally I switched to a normal brush to basecoat all of the skulls, bones, and ropes. Those got a single wash of Smokey Ink, then I called it all done! Spray varnish has generally been terrible to me, no matter the brand, but for terrain I don’t really care too much about the uneven finish, or slight texture, or fogging up. Check out the results, my Iron Golems fit in pretty well I think!

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