Tainted Grail Heroes

I didn’t back this kickstarter but it looked right up my alley so when my roommate said he was going to sell off the entire collection I snatched them right up! The quality of the minis isn’t great, but the concepts are fantastic and I’ve found myself using them for D&D all the time too.

After all the cleanup and priming was done I sorted the heroes into four batches to paint. The game groups the characters into four colors that sort of clue you in to their playstyle, much like Magic the Gathering, so I already had a great direction to go in. The game’s art has a distinctive style to it as well that I wanted to integrate into my painting. There aren’t many sharply defined features, the colors are pretty desaturated, and most of them are quite cool in tone.

Since there are a bunch of them I tried not to spend too much time on each individual, just focused on getting the ‘feel’ right and then moved on to the next. This also gave me the time to build a bunch of terrain inspired by the game, that I’ll use in wargaming as well as D&D whenever possible!

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