A Better Than Heroes Commission

The fine folks over at Better Than Heroes hired me to paint up their characters for an upcoming live show they had. I was given the freedom to make my own stylistic choices but the above art was the reference for four of the five miniatures. The minis themselves were created in Heroforge I believe, so the sculpts weren’t perfect representations but pretty close. A friend printed them for us and I set out to work!

Primed and ready to go!

As the first one to work on I chose the simplest color schemes, that being the two with yellow armour and faded blue clothing respectively. As with all commissions, I took pictures early on to show the client in order to make sure we were on the same page with the choices being made. It’s always a stressful moment sending those because I might need to start over or re-do a bunch, but they loved it thankfully!

When I had finished the first mini and started on the second I was feeling pretty confident about the direction I was going with these, treating the surfaces fairly ‘realistically’ while maintaining that sci-fi/fantasy brightness. The sculpts required a lot of blacklining to make the various surfaces and materials distinct since the details weren’t very crisp (a downside to Heroforge but not a terrible one), this did mean that I got to make the call when it came to what was what on minis like the insectoid “Klik” though. It meant I was able to turn parts of the arms/carapace into armour plating to match the reference art for example, which I think worked quite well. Once I had finished all of the miniatures themselves I moved on to the bases with what little time I had left for them. I wanted to use this purple on all of them to tie them together since all of the bases were a bit different, not distract from the minis themselves though. To achieve this I desaturated the purple by mixing in some black to the base tone, then highlighting up by adding more pale green with each layer. The colors feel pretty sci-fi, and I feel the desaturation brings them back down into the realm of fantasy just enough. Plus it was quick to do!

Overall it was a pleasure to work with Better Than Heroes and such a neat experience turning their characters into sweet models for actual tabletop adventures! Here are the finished lot:

For those wondering, these are at what I consider my ‘default’ or mid-tier painting standard when I do commissions. I’ve taken on a few much larger wargaming army commissions in the past at a much more basic level, and sometimes will do far more involved stuff too, but this is the quality I like to paint to when doing my own stuff and I find I’m able to achieve something I’m proud of in just a few hours.

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