This is an overview of my big projects, entire warbands and armies. These tend to be a part of larger narrative campaigns and as such their stories are always evolving.

Theta Companies

The Theta Companies are very near to my heart, because this project was the one that revitalized my interest in the hobby. I’ve been building and painting models for as long as I can remember, but there was a period of several years where I hardly played and I wasn’t improving or learning anything. Then one day I stumbled upon the absolutely phenomenal Iron Sleet blog and found myself inspired. Not only by Migsula’s gorgeous Alpha Legion, though they were clearly a huge influence on this army, but also by the stories that those friends told together. That was what I wanted to do, what was missing from my hobby. This is the result of those months where I read through their entire blog, several Black Library books, and everything I could possibly find online about the XIX and XX legions. The Theta Companies are an ongoing project, so you can expect to see them turn up time and again.

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Sons of Agamemnon

My Delaque gang for Necromunda, the Sons, are a branching offshoot of the Theta Companies. I wanted to represent the human operatives serving the space marines, and I wanted to take part in a small Necromunda campaign we were starting, so it was an easy choice. At this point I have more than enough gangers so it’s unlikely that I’ll be painting more anytime soon, but I will be continuing their narrative in each game I play.

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The Raven’s Men

The Raven’s Men are a Cult of Change warband for Mordheim, essentially a re-skinned Possessed warband with a few tweaks to represent their worship of Tzeentch and love of forbidden knowledge. I have created a fan supplement for them with my own art, fluff, and the rules but I hesitate to call it finished because I just don’t play enough Mordheim to know whether the adjustments to the rules that I’ve made are fair.
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The current, unfinished version of that supplement is available here:

Death Comes to Three Rivers

This is 5e D&D campaign module I’m creating, though it would be easy to adapt to older editions. Best for a grittier, low fantasy setting, the story brings characters from Lvl 1 to Lvl 4 as they band together with the villagers of Three Rivers to defend against the mysterious horde of monsters threatening to wipe out the rural settlement.
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The first draft of the module will be available here: