Commission Painters:

I don’t take on much commissioned work myself, and when I do it is generally single models. These folks here are fantastic painters that I can wholeheartedly recommend if you’ve got stuff you’d like painted.

Lil Legend Studio
Even if you aren’t looking to get something painted it is absolutely worth checking out their site. The gallery is full of beautiful stuff, and you can expect everything they paint to be just as good because incredible is the only level of quality they offer.

Dave Paints.
Boy is he prolific! It seems like every couple of days he’s finished another awesome looking squad or unit, and the schemes really pop. Just send a message via this Facebook page, where you can also see a huge collection of his work.

Legalized Mischief Productions
Colin Ward is yet another incredible painter, and his personal Blood Angels army is next level cool. If you want to check out his work he’s on Instagram and Facebook, and if you’re interested in a commissioned work you can contact him directly at


None of these products will make you a better painter, but good tools can make things easier and hopefully more enjoyable.

Wet Palette
If you aren’t painting with one, get one. Make it at home with a tupperware, paper towels, and baking paper, or buy a professional one like these or this. I used a homemade one for years, but the expensive purpose-made ones are just a bit higher quality and look nicer. Either way you won’t regret it.

Painting Handle
It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but having something to hold on to that isn’t the miniature itself is extremely useful. Even just sticking the base onto a cork is a hell of an improvement. You won’t be rubbing the paint off with your grubby fingers anymore, you can get better access to hard to reach areas, and it’ll probably be more comfortable for you too.

Winsor & Newton Series 7
The gold standard when it comes to brushes. These are what every other high end brush is trying to beat. They also come in a “Miniature” style with shorter bristles so you even have some options. If you told me I could only keep one brush, it would a W&N series 7 size 1.

Raphael Series 8404
If W&N are the gold standard, these are silver. They’re a bit cheaper, and the quality is comparable. My own experience has shown them to have a slightly shorter lifespan, but it’s fairly negligible and no other brushes in this price range come close to either Raphael or W&N.

Lots of companies make paints, so it’s really just a matter of finding out what works for you. In my experience, Army Painter stuff has poor coverage but their washes, Strong Tone in particular, are excellent. Citadel paints tend to work best when following the Games Workshop painting methods, using them “as intended”. Vallejo tends to have better coverage and finer pigments, Scale75 metallics are incredible, etc… A great tip I learned at a painting workshop is that high pigment artist’s acrylic titanium white is the best choice for a smooth white that you can blend without getting a chalky effect. Some people love using artist’s inks, enamel washes, or oil paints on their minis for the different effects you can achieve with them. Don’t be afraid to try it all out!

Great Sites to Check Out:

Run by some of the most inspiring minds in the 41st Millennium, Iron Sleet has had a huge influence on the current ‘Grimdark’ style and INQ28.

Another collection of incredibly inspiring stuff, here you’ll find more massive collaborative projects like Mordheim 2019 and Tor Megiddo.

Death of a Rubricist
Edd/Apologist’s painting, modelling and gaming blog is where I go for an insightful artistic perspective, and an interesting ongoing narrative.

Gardens of Hecate
How do you feel about dark fantasy? Ana is an expert (if not THE expert) at creating that kind of gritty atmosphere. Her blog showcases her unique style as well as some of the inspirational games she’s run.

A collaborative blog run by some phenomenally talented sculptors and painters. It’s full of hundreds if not thousands of helpful articles, you would be hard pressed to find a better resource.

Yes, this is a great, grimdark hobby blog, but it is also more than that. Here you’ll find tribute galleries to some of the incredible artists that defined the Warhammer settings.

The Beard Bunker
A fantastic blog that focuses mostly on narrative gaming and the painting/modelling side of things. Like many of the other blogs here it is also has several contributors.

Featuring articles from tons of different authors on a huge variety of subjects, this has become the best place to find everything related to GW games, events, etc...

They make some cool products, like excellent gaming mats, and they do excellent work through Tablewar Charities Autism Advocacy

Becoming a Better Painter:

Lets be honest, the best way to improve is to paint more. That said, these have all helped me learn new techniques that upped my game in the last couple years.

Darren Latham’s Tutorials
Darren is an absolute legend and has been a huge part of the miniature painting world for longer than I can remember. He’s now on YouTube, but there are years worth of great tutorials to be found on his old blog as well.

Scott Walter’s Videos
Scott runs the Miniac YouTube channel, as well as being a host of the Trapped Under Plastic podcast. He does a great job of making his content both entertaining as well as educational and there are some real gems among his videos.

Squidmar Miniatures
Emil is newer to the YouTube scene but I have learned so much from his videos and he really is an excellent painter. The way he illustrates concepts with quick sketches in Photoshop was a game-changer for me, and his non-educational content is pretty great too.

Roman Lappat’s Painting Workshops
Roman really needs no introduction, you’ve almost definitely seen his work, and it’s blown your mind. I’ve already mentioned Massive Voodoo above, where you can find articles he’s written. There is a lot to be said for attending a class in person however, and any workshop by an artist you admire is going to be worth attending if you get the chance.

Adobe Color Wheel
This is a handy resource for when you’re brainstorming color schemes or just want a color wheel to look at.

Paint Range Chart
Far from perfect, this compatibility chart can be helpful when looking at other paint ranges or if you need a hex code to plug into the color wheel.