New Skin





This is the first miniature I can remember painting which has nothing to do with war or violence, and I really like that. It was a great experience which you can read about here, and I’m looking forward to filling the cabinet with more like her.


This model was painted over the course of a Beginner’s Painting Workshop with Roman Lappat. It was my first time building a base on a plinth, and the first time for trying out a whole variety of techniques. She’s no competition piece, but I really like how everything turned out in the end. You can read more about my experience at that workshop here.


This was just painted for fun, not any particular game or competition. I love the sculpt and had a great time practicing my skin tones and NMM style weapons with this model.

Lord of Blights




Tsukigoro / Momak

I’ve never incorporated so many different kinds of texture on a single model before. The larger scale definitely helped with that by giving me lots of space, I’m growing quite fond of these bigger miniatures. Thinking of ways to do all of that texture was incredible fun, and painting in so many different ways made the process feel a lot less like the three-week-long marathon that it was. That process is documented here if you’re interested!

Robot in Yellow

For this piece my only real plan was to paint a lot of yellow, and it turned into something I’m rather proud of. The strong reflections off of the dark metal were a new thing for me and something I expect I’ll be doing more with in the future. To see the painting process check out this post here.

Ogor Tyrant

I painted up this fellow when he first came out, as part of a local Games Workshop painting competition. We had to pick a model from the Feast of Bones boxed set so I actually bought the entire box for just this model… The variety of textures on the Tyrant made him a pure joy to paint though, and I even ended up winning!

Gotrek Gurnisson

Gotrek was the first model I ever painted with the intention of entering it in a competition. It was just a local GW store painting competition, but we only had a week to buy and then finish our minis and I was proud of what I managed. I placed first, though there were so many things I wished I had the time to do better, which really boosted my confidence.