Nobody Expected the Inquisition

News doesn't travel fast across the vast Imperium of Man. If the years of the Indomitus Crusade were chaotic, then the years following it were nothing short of a logistical nightmare. Forces became separated as they crossed into the Imperium Nihilus, sometimes showing back up decades later. Many fleets were never heard from again, many … Continue reading Nobody Expected the Inquisition

Sons of Agamemnon: Roster

These are the members of the Sons that I'm gaming with. Surprisingly, I do actually have everything listed here both built and painted! Gang Roster Stenn (Leader): Gunslinger, black humored, photographic memory, one eye, terrifying & respectedAchaeus (Champion): Gunslinger, dabbler/unspecialized, holds grudges, inspiring speaker, 2nd in commandHector (Champion): Sniper, patient, ruthlessly efficient with ammunition“Twitch” (Champion): … Continue reading Sons of Agamemnon: Roster

Sons of Agamemnon: An Overview

The Sons of Agamemnon are non-Astartes agents of Theta-V recruited by Brother Avinos Agamemnon during his time on Necromunda. They haven’t had contact with him in several generations and know not who they truly serve, but they know of Agamemnon as a brilliant mastermind who founded the gang as a spy network before mysteriously vanishing. … Continue reading Sons of Agamemnon: An Overview